We are moving in automotive paints and custom paint. Color matching is our priority to make the color become perfect match.

Surya Warna Paint Shop was established in April 2002. We Provide automotive refinish for automotive paints, especially car paint, paint finishing systems, car care.

With our experienced hand and sophisticated technology, you can meet the color of your dream with us..
You can also find the best quality and long lasting paint that will last on your dream forever along the way on your experience with us.

Your satisfaction is our objection. Consultation, sampling, production progress, shipment and after sales service are always on the line of perfection and excelence to meet your satisfaction.
There never be a finish line for us untill we meet your smile and your thumbs up.

Feel free and no hesitate to contact us and tell us your story about the color of your dream.
Together, we’ll make your color of dream comes true !!

Kami adalah toko cat mobil yang menjual cat mobil cat mobil berkualitas. Untuk harga cat mobil murah sangat relatif, tergantung kualitas dari cat itu sendiri. Tapi kami menjamin bahwa kami dapat menjual cat mobil murah berkualitas dengan standar yang terjamin mutunya. Dijamin warna mobil bagus !!!

Produk kami bermacam macam. Mulai dari Cat mobil standard (standard paint), cat mobil pesanan (cat custom), cat mobil dengan effect cat bunglon, cat wetlook, cat xirallic, cat metalik (mettalic) dan cat candy (candy effect).

Untuk bengkel cat / bengkel body repair / bengkel body kit / bengkel airbrush, kami mempunyai beberapa rekanan yang sangat kami rekomendasikan. Silahkan lihat halaman partners untuk mencari bengkel-bengkel yang kami rekomendasikan.

Kami juga adalah toko cat mobil online, dimana anda dapat memesan melalui web kami, dan kami akan melakukan pengiriman ke seluruh pelosok.

We are the main distributor of Extreme & Excellent color paint by Colorking.

Feel the experience..


Colored particle and bigger pigment particle from pearl and xirallic that can produce sparkle and brilliant look.


Transparent type of paint that can produce shiny color as bright as jewelry


Have a nickname called ‘Bunglon’ and can produce different color in many lighting perspective.


The lattest generation of pearl, the bigger particle they have can produce bright and shiny color.


Manufacturer type of color. Came from many brand and type of vehicles such as Toyota, Honda, Ferarri.